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試験番号:GR1 最新資料
試験科目:「Total Rewards Management Exam」

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NO.1 What does a total rewards strategy identify?
A. The organization's primary competitors
B. The organization's reason for existence
C. The organization's ability to pay for performance
D. The optimal mix of reward elements
Answer: D

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NO.2 Why should the annual development and career opportunities discussion take place separately
from the performance discussion?
A. To allow the manager to rank the employee after the performance discussion
B. To allow human resources adequate time to post new job opportunities
C. To allow both the manager and employee to have a "cooling off" period
D. To change the focus from reviewing past performance to planning for future performance
Answer: D

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NO.3 Which of the following is a type of variable pay?
A. Hourly rate
B. Piece rate
C. Commissions
D. Salary
Answer: C


NO.4 What are usual, customary and reasonable charges (UCR)?
A. The charges that are allowable for any given medical procedure with no pre-treatment
B. The charges that are typically paid up front by a plan participant for services rendered.
C. The charges that an insurance carrier determines are normal for a particular medical procedure
within a specific geographical area
D. The charges that are published annually in the Global Insurers' Medical Cost Comparison Guide
Answer: C


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